The enormous amount of waste related to end-of-life vehicles offers great possibilities for re-use.

Re-shaping Car Part Recycling

We are building a revolutionary new way to save our planet, part by part.
Green Source is a new digital platform that steers recyclable car parts through open ecosystem.
It matches quality checked parts with those who need them.
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How we see it:

Currently, cars and their components just flow through our hands and end up somewhere as waste. This is not sustainable for our planet. We see the glass as half full. The enormous amount of waste related to end-of-life vehicles offers great possibilities for re-use.

There is increasing customer demand for recycled spare parts, but the market is fragmented, and the operators are lacking common approaches. There are up to 2000 parts in the cars that could be re-used. Identification of these parts plays a crucial role.

How we handle it:

We have created a solution to significantly increase the identification accuracy. A much bigger portion of the disassembled parts can now be offered for re-use.

To take advantage of the identification system, we have built a new distribution platform.

Green Source connects those who supply with those who need the parts.

Why we do it:

So that there won’t be any waste from end-of-life vehicles!

Who is Green Source for:

Garages, disassembly plants, parts suppliers, you name it. Everyone that needs spare parts.

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